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 Fr.Ronald Cyprys - Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church - Archdiocese of Detroit

Fr.Ronald Cyprys - Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church - Archdiocese of Detroit

Shepherd of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church
1991 - 2007

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Web site information found here is for the benefit of parishioners and friends that may
have missed the entire three day proceedings. All detailed and printable keepsake
information can be found at the bottom of this page and are in printable .pdf files that
include: the August 3rd Eulogy by Music Director Lawrence Zelanka, August 4th Homily
by Deacon Bob DeWitt, and Graceliner articles by Sr. Virgianne Wantuch Director of Religious

Fr. Ron knew well in advance that he would need a liver transplant. Finding a donor at
the critical time was a miracle to begin with. On March 31st, Fr. Ron had successful liver
transplant surgery at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. He returned to the rectory after ten
days or so. Fr. Ron would make two or three visits per week to the doctors attempting
a balance of medications. Fr. Ron's immune system was non-existent and in jeopardy.

After months of the hope of healing, Fr. Ron had to be re-admitted to Henry Ford on
June 24th. On the 4th of July, Fr. Ron was told he had Cancer. Doctors gave him little
chance of recovery. Fr. Ron came home to the rectory on July 26th.

On the morning of Sunday July 29th, 2007, Father Ronald G. Cyprys passed into
eternal life. This was a devastating day for Our Lady of Grace Parish as we lost a truly
irreplaceable Shepherd, Pastor, Priest, and friend. Arrangements were made for August
2nd for viewing at Santeiu Funeral Home, August 3rd viewing at Our Lady of Grace with
Rosary at 7 pm, and the Funeral Mass on August 4th at 11 am.

by Music Director Lawrence Zelanka

If you have ever written a eulogy, there is always something of significance that's left out.
Well, this is one of those moments. Below, I will be interjecting additional information that
will bring a more complete and vivid picture of Fr. Ron. My written efforts here are to bring
Fr. Ron the greatest of honor that he unquestionably deserves.

You raise me up—so I can stand on mountains,

You raise me up—to walk on stormy seas,

I am strong—when I am on your shoulders,

You raise me up—to more than I can be.

The words to “You Raise Me Up” can be interpreted in many different ways.
Many feel the song is about God and what He can do. I agree. Fr. Ron’s love
for this song is also an excellent analogy of himself and what he did for others
in many special and secret ways.

This very special holy man of God taught each and every one of us how to live
by his example of kindness and love. He was and always will be our Pastor,
our Priest, and our Friend. I have never known a Priest like him that lived
life having so much fun. He lived life more fully than do most of us.


Fr. Ron’s love for children was
never more evident than at “First
Communion” and “Confirmation.”
His gentle way never put any of
the kids on the spot as they truly
looked up to him as a role model.

He gave the children something
positive and special to remember
about him in their learning of
the Catholic Faith.

There are probably some of you here
tonight that experienced your “First
Communion” with Fr. Ron, and know
well of what I speak. (Holding hands
with the children on the Altar and
reciting the Lord’s Prayer)

Another great gift that Fr. Ron brought to Christmas and Easter Masses was
a specially written homily with music on a CD. Just a few short years ago he
did a duet with Bing Crosby as they sang “Do You Hear What I Hear”? Ah yes,
it was a moment to behold as the Our Lady of Grace parishioners gave him a
standing ovation!!!

In October of 1997, I was hired by Fr. Ron as he laid out a plan for me as
the new music director of Our Lady of Grace. At that meeting, we both dis-
covered our love for Detroit Red Wing Hockey. We also discovered that both
of us played as “Goalies” in our younger days. He said: “How do you think
I got like this? I got hit in the head with the puck one too many times!” A year later, we attended our first Red Wing game together with my precious wife
to be, Mary.

David_Mary_Lari_Fr.Ron In 2002, we went to the 2nd game of the
Stanley Cup Finals and Fr. Ron wore his
original “Alex Delvecchio” #10 Red Wing
Jersey & Cap. It was the most exciting,
greatest, and gratifying time any of us
ever had. Yes, the Red Wings then won
four straight games winning the Stanley
Cup. There were many more times like
this that will always be a “Treasure” to
remember with Fr. Ron.

Fr. Ron also lived by the scripture: “Those who are First shall be last,
and those who are Last, shall be First.” At the Our Lady of Grace Christmas
Party Dinner, he made absolutely certain that everyone was fed before him.
He would thank each and every person for coming, shake their hand, hug
the ladies, and wish everyone a most Blessed and Merry Christmas.


One of the best gifts on Sunday was for me to
go to the Rectory after the 8:30 am Mass. There
would be Fr. Charlie having breakfast as I would
get my weekly cup of coffee and a chocolate donut. Fr. Ron would then greet us and say to
Fr. Charlie: how are this morning your holiness?
Fr. Charlie would promptly rise and bless us as
if he were the Pope!

The dynamic team of Fr. Ron and Fr. Charlie in
the Rectory was like watching Laurel and Hardy--
Fr. Ron would say: “And here’s another fine
mess you’ve gotten us into Charles!”

The “entertainment” was often too much to bear
as I laughed to see these two Priests sharing
such a great sense of humor and loving life.

Fr.Charlie's DVD was made by his nephew>

11/22/1919 - 9/27/2008


One of my most treasured memories with Fr. Ron during these last 10 years
was when we were able to bring Closure and Finality to the several hundred
funeral Masses we did together. When grieving families would display
“gratefulness of appreciation” walking out the Our Lady of Grace doors,
our mission was accomplished.

Fr. Ron had a special way of bringing relief to people’s hearts when they
were hurting like we are today. Fr. Ron would often say to me, “as far as
I'm concerned, we do funerals as good as anyone within the Archdiocese
of Detroit.”

One of his most inventive and ingenious gifts were special poems that he
added meaning to in his own way. One of Fr. Ron’s favorite poems was:
“A Bridge Called Love.”


A Bridge Called Love

It takes us back to brighter years,
to happier sunlit days,
and to precious moments
that will be with us always.

And these fond recollections
are treasured in the heart
to bring us always close to those
from whom we had to part.

There is a bridge of memories
from earth to Heaven above...
It keeps our dear ones near us
It's the bridge that we call love.

Fr. Ron would now call these precious moments and the bridge of
a true “Gift” that a person truly is. He would say: When this
becomes a “Memory”, the Memory now becomes a “Treasure"

within our hearts. He would repeat this line again very slowly. And so
now, very deep within our own hearts, Fr. Ron has become that true “Treasure” for us all.


There is no doubt that we all love him very much. And I believe that
when Fr. Ron met God face to face, God said: “Well done, my true,
faithful, and loyal servant.” So let us be grateful that Fr. Ron came
into all our lives.

He changed my life for the better and forever. Now we all have a very
special Shepherd, Pastor, Priest, and Friend that we can pray to that
I believe will help us to God’s Holy Kingdom. So, “Now We Remain”
and Fr. Ron, we thank you because:


You raise us up—so we can stand on mountains,

You raise us up—to walk on stormy seas,

We are strong—when we are on your shoulders,

You raise us up—to more than we can be.



Homily by Deacon Bob DeWitt



He loved his mother and father so much
and I believe this is why he had such a
deep love and devotion for Mother Mary
and the Rosary. He loved being a priest.
Even on his death-bed, he cried out that
he needed to get ready for the 10:30
Mass. His love for the Mass, especially
celebrating the Eucharist was never
equaled by anyone. Preparation for
his homilies were under his words of
“If you cannot say anything that would uplift the people in bringing them
hope and joy, then be quiet.” His words were always an inspiration. In
asking him questions or an approach to my homilies, he would guide
me in the right direction. With Fr. Ron, our problems and concerns
became his. Many of us has a story about calling him even in the early
morning hours when a loved one was rushed to the hospital, dying or
needed anointing at home and he would come. He was always there
for us.




Sr. Virgianne Wantuch D.R.E. Pastoral SSJ, TOSF



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Adam Cardinal Maida

Bishop Boyea

Bishop Flores

Bishop Quinn

Bishop Reiss

On behalf of Our Lady of Grace Parish, we would like to thank Adam Cardinal Maida, the
main Celebrant, the Bishops pictured above, and all the Clergy that attended Fr. Ronald
G. Cyprys' Mass on Saturday August 4th, 2007. Cardinal Maida truly moved us by his
blessed compassion, gentleness, and kindness. At the closing of the mass, his words
of wisdom left us all with the deep feeling of peace, bringing true closure and finality.

Keepsake printouts:


1) Archdiocese of Detroit  
2) Vatican the Holy See  
3) Father Solanus Guild  
4) Solanus Casey Center  
5) St Bonaventure Secular Franciscans  
6) Mariannhill Missionaries  

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